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Every question has an answer.


Members can be bet in more than one table and in all the games.

You can not deposit your table’s during the game. Firstly, you need leave the table, then re-enter and sit to the table with the amount you wish.

It is not allowed to leave from the game table before the game ends.

Once it is your turn in the table you should choose your selection before the red bar completes loading below your username.

If the time is up and you are in the position to request more cards, automatically you will be accepted as not requesting a new card.

If you are on call/talk and if you are on betting position, automatically you are accepting to bet. But if you are in the position of betting money or raising the bet, automatically you pass the turn.

Betting tables are often supervised by the operators.

If you hurt somebody’s feelings at the table (by cursing or using rude words), your messaging availability will be closed for a while.

If your similar behaviour repeat, your account can be closed completely as well.